Our eyes and mind generally process millions of hues, tones, tints, and shades
everyday, as visual information. In my artwork, I also process this information
emotionally and sensually. I try to give the viewer a sense of place to remind them of somewhere they have been or would like to go.
Light, shadow and texture are used to give a third dimension and depth in
many of my paintings. Other times, I flatten out the planes, and shape and textures become more important. Whether imbuing a portrait with the soul of the person or the harmony and beauty of the scene, I am passionate in my quest for excellence in my painting and teaching.

After 25 years working as an interior designer, I discovered that I had a flair for another artistic expression - painting. I started working in pastels more than 13 years ago and eventually added watercolor, oils and acrylics to my repertoire. I continue to be a lifetime member of the National Transparent Watercolor Society. I belong to the following art associations:
          Georgia Art League, Gainsville, Georgia,
          Southeastern Pastel Society, Atlanta Georgia, .
         Quinlan Gallery, Gainsville, Georgia.

For more information on my achievements see SHOWS & DEMOS .